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Facing a family law dispute, such as divorce or child custody, can be daunting. At Deckard, Kofsky & Clark, PLLC, our Martin County family lawyers have over five decades of combined experience helping clients navigate complex family law cases. We'll protect your rights in and out of the courtroom, working with you to pursue the best possible outcome for your family law case.

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We're proud to help our clients handle a wide range of family law-related matters. Our practice areas include:

  • Divorce. For many people, going through a divorce is the hardest thing they'll ever do. Handling the various complex legal processes associated with divorce, such as property division, child custody, and child or spousal support, requires a significant amount of time and willpower. It can feel impossible to balance those matters with the emotional burden of ending a marriage—so don't go at it alone. Our lawyers understand Florida divorce laws inside and out. We can help you understand how the divorce process works, so you always know what to expect.

    Our lawyers understand that every divorce is different. We'll work with you to develop a comprehensive case strategy tailored to your needs, so you can feel secure knowing that we'll stop at nothing to pursue your best interests. Our mission is simple: We'll shoulder the legal burden of your divorce, so you can focus on maintaining your well-being and use the process as the catalyst for a happier, healthier life post-divorce.

  • Equitable distribution. The division of assets and debts is often one of the most contentious aspects of any divorce, and it's not hard to see why. The outcome of your property division case could significantly impact your financial stability post-divorce, setting the tone for how you proceed once you dissolve your marriage.

    In Florida, marital property gets divided "equitably" between spouses. But an "equitable" division of assets and liabilities doesn't necessarily mean a 50/50 split. If you want to maintain certain assets post-divorce, like the marital home, you'll need attorneys you can trust at your side. Our equitable distribution lawyers can help you evaluate your assets and liabilities, understand how your property division case could affect you financially, and build a case that helps you protect what matters most.

  • Relocation. Parents relocate for various reasons. Maybe relocating can help you further your career, or aid your child in pursuing an endeavor. Whatever the case, relocation quickly becomes challenging when a custody arrangement is involved.

    Custodial and noncustodial parents may have to engage in a courtroom dispute to determine whether relocating truly serves their child's best interests. Whether you're attempting to relocate with your child or oppose a relocation attempt by a co-parent, our lawyers stand ready to advocate for your parental rights. We'll help you tackle your relocation case head-on, so you can do what's best for your child.

  • Postnuptial agreements. Postnuptial agreements, unfortunately, get something of a bad rap in pop culture. Many people assume there's no reason to get a postnup unless you foresee a divorce in your future, but that's not necessarily true. Postnuptial agreements have a diverse range of uses and can be an invaluable tool for couples that want to improve the stability of their relationship.

    For example, a postnup can help partners protect one another from financial liabilities, such as debts or bad investments. Postnups can also help couples handle other affairs, such as determining Power of Attorney if one spouse becomes incapacitated. Our lawyers will work with you to develop a robust postnuptial agreement that helps you and your partner have a long-lasting, happy marriage.

  • Post judgment modifications. Court-issued orders don't always remain accurate forever. The child support or custody arrangement that makes sense for you during your divorce may not work for you later down the line.

    To change the terms of a court order and make it reflect your current situation more accurately, you'll need to file for a post judgment modification. Obtaining a post judgment modification involves illustrating to the court that your circumstances have changed substantially since the original court order went into effect. Our attorneys can help you compile a strong case that enhances your chances of receiving a favorable outcome in your post judgment modification case.

  • Paternity. Establishing paternity can help a child live a fuller, happier life. Both of a child's biological parents are obligated to support their child after birth (unless otherwise stipulated by a court). To that end, establishing paternity can help a parent receive the stability they need to care for their child. Alternatively, being falsely accused of fathering a child can have negative consequences for the alleged father.

    At Deckard, Kofsky & Clark, PLLC, our attorneys have the tools to help you handle your paternity dispute. We'll work with you to understand how the Florida Department of Revenue conducts paternity investigations, so you know what to expect. We'll also help you defend your rights, enabling you to receive a positive outcome in your paternity case.

  • Domestic violence. Escaping an abusive relationship or situation can be daunting. Our domestic violence attorneys are here to support you throughout the process. We'll help you file for a protective order against the abusive party, working with you to safeguard your well-being. We'll aggressively advocate for you and your rights in court, handling the legal process so you can focus on maintaining your physical and mental health and building a better life for yourself.

Our legal acumen and experience have made our firm a staple of the Martin County family law landscape, and we have the track record of success to back up that claim. We're the legal powerhouse you deserve to have in your corner during a family law dispute.

For detailed information on how we can help you resolve your case, call our office at (772) 238-7231 or fill out our online contact form. To learn what our clients have to say about our services, visit our reviews page.

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