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Helping You Establish Parental Rights And Timesharing

Upon the birth of a child, the mother is the only presumptive legal parent of the minor child. Parental rights and timesharing have to be established for a father. Whether by agreement or a contested court proceeding, a father’s parental rights and timesharing need to be established by a court. Establishing paternity is key to enforcing a father’s parental rights and establishing timesharing. A paternity proceeding will also determine the mother’s and father’s obligations for child support and other contributions relating to the child. To establish paternity, you will go through multiple steps that require extensive paperwork and can quickly consume your time.

My name is Martin Kofsky. For nearly 30 years, I have represented mothers and fathers throughout the state of Florida in paternity proceedings. At my law firm, Kofsky Law Office, P.A., I have experience handling high-conflict paternity cases for both mothers and fathers, determining current and retroactive support obligations and modifying parenting plans after they have been established by a court.

Understanding Legal Paternity In Florida

In Florida, the state an unmarried woman who gives birth to a baby is presumed to be the child’s biological mother. Things are more complicated when it comes to establishing a father’s paternity and his rights and obligations concerning a child. There is no presumption that protects a father but, registering with the Florida Putative Father registry, signing the birth certificate in the hospital or a voluntary declaration of paternity, which acknowledges that he is the child’s biological father, and initiating timely paternity proceedings to establish paternity pave the way to establishing paternity, parental responsibility, timesharing and support for a minor child.

For an unmarried man to have formal timesharing with the child, a timesharing schedule has to be established by a court. Whether through a voluntary agreement or litigation, have a court enter an order establishing paternity, a timesharing schedule, parental responsibility and support obligations for the parties. A petition to establish paternity can be initiated by the mother or the father but in the end, such proceedings protect both parties and serve the interests of the minor children involved.

Unique Strategies For Your Unique Life

Every parent’s situation is different, but I will use a creative approach for your unique family legal situation. There is not one way to address issues of paternity, so I will develop innovative ways to help you reach a desired outcome.

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