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Difficult family law challenges require creative solutions. This is true of divorces that involve complicating factors such as business ownership, hidden assets and multiple pieces of real estate.

When you need representation that is as tough as your case, you can turn to me at Kofsky Law Office, P.A. My name is Martin Kofsky. With nearly 30 years of experience as an attorney serving the Treasure Coast, I have handled a full spectrum of family legal matters, from drafting and litigation of prenuptial agreements, paternity cases, relocation, simple and complex divorces, domestic violence, post-judgment enforcement and high-conflict litigation.

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I think outside of the box, developing strategies tailored to achieve your goals. Whether your situation involves child custody, asset division, equitable distribution, closely held corporations, criminal defense or general counsel, you can rely on me to help you reach an optimized outcome.

Knowledgeable – Experienced – Reputable

In 29 years of practice, my clients, colleagues and court staff throughout eastern Florida have come to regard my counsel with respect. I am thoroughly knowledgeable on the laws and have litigated cases in courts throughout the state. I have provided multiple lectures and written articles for The Florida Bar offering perspectives on Florida law. I know the law but also know that the law evolves when skilled lawyers take a moment to explore whether new perspectives are needed to address the evolving needs of clients.

An Attorney Who Isn’t Afraid To Fight Back

A family conflict is not only stressful, but it can make my clients feel like they are under attack. Protracted litigation is sometimes needed to resolve high-conflict disputes. When dealing with an opposing party or counsel who would rather fight than search for common ground, my clients need someone who is going to fight back for them. Working with my clients, we form a strategy that not only optimizes results but also searches for common ground with the clear understanding that litigation may be the only option. In a high-conflict case, I will protect you. Conflict is never easy, but knowing the law and understanding your needs help manage the stress of conflict.

If You Have A Complex Case, Get In Touch With Me

I take on even the most challenging cases head-on, and whether it’s in mediation or a courtroom, I will ensure that both my clients and I are fully ready to go head-to-head with the other side. I prepare my clients for litigation by educating them on the law and how the facts of their case fits within the law. I have always believed that better-informed clients are able to provide me with timely, relevant and impactful information which in turn optimizes outcomes for their cases. If you want to learn more about how I will approach your case, then you can reach out to me at my office in Stuart to schedule an initial consultation. To reach me, call 772-210-4745 or send me an email.